Magnús and Malaika are on the case

The book Von Be Don was published to address the needs of bilingual children in Iceland and their parents.

The book was made possible with financial assistance from Barnavinafélagið Sumargjöf and the ebook version – which is still under development – was funded by the Educational Materials Developement Fund

The story is about an Icelandic boy and a girl from Tanzania who have recently moved to Britain and are learning English. It features words and phrases in English and Swahili.

Von Be Don is also an adventure, a story about children whose neighbour is really a dragon. Three folk tales about dragons are woven into the story: one British, one African, and the third is Icelandic. The Icelandic story is about the guardian spirits of Iceland and features the dragon from Vestfirðir in his full glory. The pictures throughout the book are oil paintings.

The title of the book, Von Be Don, is a phrase from a language that one of the characters created when they discovered that more than one language existed.

The book’s introduction explains why it was published.